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Monthly Payment Plans Available
Household Plan:    Discount does Not Apply to 1/2 Payments
Unlimited Golf:
Before 2/15/18  $858.00 (tax included)
After   2/15/18  $899.00 (tax included)

Unlimited Golf:
Before 2/15/18  $745.00 (tax included)
After   2/15/18  $783.00 (tax included)

Under 35 Household Plan:
Unlimited Golf:
    Before 2/15/18       $625.00 (taxincluded)
     After   2/15/18       $662.00 (tax included) 

Unlimited Golf:
    Before 2/15/18       $455.00 (tax included)
     After   2/15/18       $487.00 (tax included)

Use of Clubhouse:
All Year                 $55      (tax included)

Student: School, or currently in college and living at home, whose parents do not have any form of membership.
Golf:                    $143.00 (tax included)

Social/Student             $180.00 (tax included)

Stock Price*                 $100.00   

*Only if member is joining for the first time.

Cart Shed Rental & Trail Fees

          Gas:  $160.00 (tax included)

Electric:  $190.00 (tax included)

Trail Fee:  $95.00 (tax included)

Lockers:  $27.00 (tax included)

Pine Knolls Cart Lease
Season:  $535.00 (tax included)

Must be 16 and have valid Drivers License
to rent a company cart.

Fees may be paid in 2 installments.
Discount does NOT apply to 1/2 payments.

1st installment due ON or BEFORE March 15th, or before you golf.

2nd installment due BEFORE or ON June 1st. $30.00 LATE FEE applied after the 1st.

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